6B Mrs. Granata


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I’m Mrs. Granta and I am SO EXCITED to be teaching grade 6! We are going to have a year full of FUN, learning and awesome ADVENTURES

A Little About Me:

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario (where got MARRIED   this summer)! My husband and I both come from Italian families and I speak the language! I love to travel! I actually met my husband in AUSTRALIA,  where I went to school to become a teacher! Before this, I worked for DISNEY Cruise Line, where I was lucky enough to travel to many different countries. Having the MOUSE for a boss wasn’t so bad either! This will be my 4th year teaching in ALBERTA. I have taught Grade 2, Grade 4 and for a short time in Kindergarten and Grade 1. 

Communication is key! Please talk to your children about what we are learning, check our classroom website or contact me if you ever have any questions! You can send me a message on Remind, e-mail me through the "Contact Me" section of the website or give the school a call at (780) 849-3539.