6D Mrs. Zimmer

Thoughts for the Week 
May 1st, 2020

Well, it is actually Saturday but wanted to write for the week.  It was a busy week with a lot of emotions.  I am feeling overwhelmed somedays and not for the reasons you would think.  I get overwhelmed with concern and worry for my students.  I get overwhelmed that I'm not helping my families enough, that my support for learning and students is not enough.  I have been a teacher for 31 years and I have a lot of experience, I've learned and continued to learn my whole career.  I've always had a passion for teaching and that has never wavered.  I love my students so much and always wants what is best for every single one.  There is a But,  But I have never taught this way during this type of situation.  A pandemic that we never saw coming.  Changes that happened so quickly and abruptly.  It triggered feelings and emotions I experienced as a teacher, mom and Aux. Rcmp member back in 2011 when we lost 1/3 of our community to wildfire.  I lost my students then and I lost them now.  I'm so happy though we get to continue to learn and connect online and parts of me feel like I haven't lost all of it.  However, my struggles are with the worries I have for my students.  I struggle to see some of the negativity and the apathy towards the school work or even wanting to attempt it.  I struggle to see the students get frustrated and just leave the work instead of coming to me for help.  I also struggle knowing they are struggling with the changes and the limitations, the confusion of school being at home, and the sadness they sometimes feel because they are just not liking this.  I wish I could take that away for them.  I appreciate all the students who are trying their best and continuing to learn to the best of their ability.  They come on every day and put in that 1-2 hours (some do even more) and then can go enjoy their day.  That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate all my students, even those who aren't coming on every day and not getting work done because I understand there are so, so many reasons why.  I just wish I could help each one individually every day to make them realize their potential and help them with having a Growth Mindset, staying positive and persevering through challenging times.  Wow, I really went on today.  I know everyone has their struggles each day, but as Helen Keller said: 

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Thoughts for the Week 
Friday, April 24

I wish there was some way I could change the situation we have been in for so long now.  We have been in this covid cloud for so long now and it brings up and downs.  I know that my students are working hard and trying to get into better routines so they can stay on top of the work.  It's so frustrating for me because all I want to do is help each and every one of them and to help alleviate the stress in their homes.  I'm tired, well beyond tired.  I feel like I'm doing school 24/7 and even though it is way less than half the work we normally do I feel like I'm working tens time the amount as normal.  I know we will get through.  Each week is the same yet different.  Making more time for meets and video meets is helping me.  It was a great week connecting with families and getting to share both the successes and the challenges.  I hope we continue to stay well connected and move forward as a partnership in learning

Due to the amount of time needed to keep up with this online Learning :), I'm going to move to Thoughts for the Week every Friday. :) 


There are now days where I realize I didn't do any reflecting today.  I really encourage my students to reflect and to record these days which will go down in history.  I'm sure there will be shirts one day that say I survived a Pandemic.  There will be stories to share and experiences we will never forget.  Wednesday was a tough day for me with many ups and downs around this online teaching but I'm still blessed to be doing this job and staying connected with my students.  The silver lining too for me is that I am getting to know the families even better which in a typical year you just don't.  Today I'm just going to be grateful.  I'm going to be positive and CHOOSE HAPPY!  I'm going to sit outside and work today a little so I can enjoy that sunshine. 


It's hard to believe it is already the 14th.  A start to another week.  I love getting online and seeing my students even if just through their work.  It is amazing to me how much I worry if I don't see students check in on SEESAW.  I was so excited to have seen some students this past weekend as I did photos around the community.  It was all done safely but it was hard not getting a hug or high five.  I'm happy to see everyone doing well and enjoying their extra time they now get with their families.  I think through all of this we have learned to appreciate family time more and how much we value them, even those siblings.  :)  I miss my family but I know it's not forever.  I miss my students too and being together in person but I am so happy for the technology that keeps us connected.  Every day seems the same but really there are still new things every day.  


I told myself I would add thoughts everyday but when you are living days like groundhog day, thoughts tend to be the same or they get too sad too share.  This past week was better and I saw my students much more regularly coming on line and doing some amazing work.  We had some really fun marathon and project days this week and students ran with the projects.  I'm a huge believer in Project Based Learning.  It brings out so much creativity. 
I'm sitting here at home Easter Sunday thinking about everyone I love, including my students and how this is a holiday for gratitude, faith and hope, a time to be with loved ones.  We are wired for hard things but we all need human connection.  I can't believe how much I miss high fives and our daily face to face check-ins, the hugs at the beginning and end of the day, I miss hugging my own children too.  I know we will get through and what better day to be positive and hopeful.  I hope this weekend brings joy and love to everyone whether you celebrate or recognize Easter or not.  Health and Happiness to all!


Today is over already and it just zoomed by.  I find that each day is so busy staying in touch, planning, assessing, etc. that just like regular work I forget to take the breaks that are needed.  I really wish I had a cook who could prep my meals and snacks for the day and motivate me to move more.  LOL A personal trainer maybe too then. It's like I tell my students, it's all about planning and time management.  Make a routine for yourselves.  I need to write it down and organize my days to make sure I don't forget about me.  Everyone needs to do that.  I do have my Jody Carrington time every morning which totally gets me grounded and inspired for the day.  


Sadly, I did not get to this earlier today and am taking time to write at almost midnight on Tuesday.  I really want to continue with thoughts of the day every day so I can look back one day and remember all that we went through during this incredibly tough time.  Everything that we are having to do as a community, province, country and world is so very important to be able to save as many lives as possible and not see our Health Care Systems collapse.  We are going to have a long road to recovery on so many levels when this is all over but what I'm seeing now more and more of is kindness and empathy and overall positive people working together for the human race.  We will all have learned a lot of lessons and many of us will see life in a whole new light.  I pray every day for the safety and well being of all who are important in my life but also for everyone everywhere.  Many people are suffering and I know with all my heart how blessed I am and I will be forever grateful for that.  


Well I just realized I did not do thoughts for Friday.  I think because the week was so overwhelming, I hit that exhaustion wall and couldn't even think.  That's my excuse anyhow lol.  Today is the start of a new week of our NEW NORMAL. That term is hard to hear because we heard it all the time after the S.L. Fires of 2011.  Now we have another New Normal.  No longer is it going to be did that happen pre fire or post fire, it will become pre COVID or post COVID.  I'm looking forward to the post for sure.  I realized after much reflection that I'm overwhelmed as an adult so I can imagine children are even more overwhelmed and anxious about everything.  So this week we are going to slow it down a bit and do something different.  Hopefully by the end of this week we will all be online or part time online and caught up with all the class tasks and activities.  So watch for the different days that we will be embarking on and try to have fun with them.  Let learning be fun this week.  :) 



Thoughts of the Day for March 31st, 2020

I know that it is actually SPRING but I am looking out my window at all the snow and falling snow for the third day in a row. Its hard to believe it feels wrong to see it but I still love the beauty of snow and all the fun I know we can have with it.  Just like my challenge to my students today to build a snowman or a snow sculpture of some type.  Maybe even some good ole SNOW ANGELS. The chance to get outside and have a little fresh air is a blessing these days and something I think we all took for granted now we are all shut in.  I have learned over the past couple of days that the most important things to remember in times like these are: grace, gratitude and giving kindness however we can.  These are truly what help our hearts to stay happy and healthy.  Wow look at all that alliteration.  :)  As always, I'm thinking of my friends and family every day and missing my children but also I miss my community, no my class family every day.  I promised myself I would tell them that every day until I saw them again.  They sent me the most beautiful gift yesterday in the form of a WE MISS you video.  I'm so blessed and so grateful and I will treasure that video always. 
Stay safe and healthy and remember to LOVE!

Thoughts of the Day for March 30th , 2020
One of the suggestions that I saw online was about how important it is too journal our days and thoughts throughout this time of COVID-19 Global Pandemic.  So I encourage all students and families to do the same.  I do a Journal online daily for the students but a more personal one that shares, feelings, fears, thoughts and events in their day to day is what I mean. 
I'm currently sitting on my laptop at 4:30 am in the morning well now 5:22 am because my mind won't stop and sleep is difficult some days.  We are entering week two of learning still with a lot of questions of what our direction will actually look like.  I know that I will provide learning for all my students with a main focus on Literacy and Numeracy but will add more projects and learning from other areas too.  More important than the academics I want to stay connected with my students and ensure they are staying self-regulated and healthy during this time.  I want to maintain our community even though it can't be in person.  
So my main thought for today is :  It's a scary time for all but we will make it through this together and we will come out stronger.  I'm including the quotes of the day in What's Happening and Upcoming Events.  That is where you will find the daily message and expectations.  I miss my students more than words can say and I will say that everyday until I get to see them again.  

6D letter to families.pdf
March 17, 2020
6D Mrs. Zimmer


Welcome to my online Class webpage.  My name is Mrs. Zimmer and I teach homeroom Grade 6D as well as I teach Science to Grade 6C.  I've been teaching for 30 years and every year I look forward to a new journey with new students.  This year will be full of exciting new ways to learn, fun projects and great field trips.   Please know you can contact me on here through the "Contact Me" page or my email at jzimmer@hpsd.ca  We are a whole brain teaching classroom which hopefully the students will be sharing all about with you. 
Please stay in touch and ask questions whenever you have them.