​Monday, Nov. 26th, 
​SCIENCE mini project (on google classroom) is due Nov. 30th.  It is a mini project.  Research and note taking is for homework and  working on the presentation is given class time. 
Practice the planet song (optional) 
Read 30 min.

Thursday, Nov. 15/18 HOMEWORK : Students need to finish their Refugee letters and Figurative Language assignments in Google Classroom Language Arts, they all need to finish What I wonder about Space for tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 16. Some students have started their mini projects in Science and can work on learning/research at home. Remember to read 30 minutes every night.

​October 2nd 

​Students will have a quiz in Science on Thursday, October, 4th.  They have written in their agendas what they need to study.  Handouts and QUIZLET give them everything they need.  They have also been given class time to study and prepare. Students are asked to read 30 minutes every night from a variety of sources.  Google classroom will connect parents for right after Thanksgiving where you can find all handouts, announcements etc.  I will always have announcements and homework on here too.