March 5/19
Make sure all HOLES questions are
29-35 Questions and Vocabulary 
36-42 Questions
All Pobble work on google classroom 

Feb. 21 

All POBBLE work needs to be done for Monday 
Re-do the experiment for Science if you need too 
BRING any size plastic bottle with lid. Balloons if you have them.

VALENTINE CLAN SNACK/SOCIAL 1 PERIOD.  Each clan decided on a snack to bring to share with their clan (free choice day for food) prefer healthy if possible. No pop or drinks.  Each student will have their own drinks.  Any questions you can email me at jzimmer@hpsd.ca 
Any students wanting to bring valentines are welcome too.  You can find class names on Classcraft or Google Classroom.  
Holes Character Sketch assignment DUE!
Pobble Advertisement DUE

Feb. 12th. 

Continue working on Science Project - Due Feb. 25th 
Character Sketch assignment (on Google classroom) is due Feb. 14th 
Pobble Air Hotel 3000 Advertisement brochure or poster is due Feb. 14th

Monday, Feb. 11/19 
Sketch your character for your Holes Character Sketch assignment.  You can work on the written part and colouring tomorrow.  If you get coloured tonight that would be great. 

Do the Spoon experiment for Science: 
Hold the backs of two spoons on either side of a stream of fast water.  See what happens.  Be prepared to share your results in class. 

Continue work on Science Project 
Pobble 3000 questions on google classroom 

Thursday, Jan. 17/19 
HOMEWORK: January 17th 
Finish LA google classroom work:  Superherotreats and The New's Years Sheets remember to go and click turned in on Google Classroom.  All work should be in your L/A Binder 
HOLES writing prompts 4-8 should be finished too. 
MATH: 5 questions per page in two booklets. 

Monday, Nov. 26th, 
​SCIENCE mini project (on google classroom) is due Nov. 30th.  It is a mini project.  Research and note taking is for homework and  working on the presentation is given class time. 
Practice the planet song (optional) 
Read 30 min.

Thursday, Nov. 15/18 HOMEWORK : Students need to finish their Refugee letters and Figurative Language assignments in Google Classroom Language Arts, they all need to finish What I wonder about Space for tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 16. Some students have started their mini projects in Science and can work on learning/research at home. Remember to read 30 minutes every night.

​October 2nd 

​Students will have a quiz in Science on Thursday, October, 4th.  They have written in their agendas what they need to study.  Handouts and QUIZLET give them everything they need.  They have also been given class time to study and prepare. Students are asked to read 30 minutes every night from a variety of sources.  Google classroom will connect parents for right after Thanksgiving where you can find all handouts, announcements etc.  I will always have announcements and homework on here too.