What's Happening and Upcoming Events

Last week before Holidays in 6D

We will be doing curriculum work everyday this week.

Tuesday Reminders:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - school wide

Wednesday Reminders:

Wear Christmas Hats and Accessories - School wide

Comfort Day - Our classroom will be set up in all comfort seating and students will have a comfort day of learning.  (celebration students earned) they can wear pjs if they want.

Thursday Reminders:

Pjs and Pancakes day - School Wide

Winter Mug Exchange and Hot Chocolate Party (Will only be about an hour of our day)

Students may bring in any snacks they would like to share with the class but this is totally optional.  Students may bring any type of snack.

We also have a double period of CODING with SPHEROS

Kahoot Hour ( fun kahoot quizzes and learning ones too)

FRIDAY: Starts the holiday!

I want to wish every student and family a very happy holiday time.  I wish health and happiness for each and every day.

School Resumes Monday January 7th (Happy New Year)


Winter Mug Exchange


Dear Parents,


On Thursday, December 20th  our class will be celebrating with a Winter Mug Exchange and a Hot Cocoa Party.  I am asking each student to bring in one winter/holiday ceramic mug stuffed with small treats and wrapped in some type of wrap that disguises the mug.   The students will be randomly drawn and will choose a mug from the collection of secret mugs. At the end of the picking students may trade or keep and enjoy their mug.   The mug (including all items inside) should cost no more than $10 and no less than $8 to keep it fair. Each mug should be suitable for a boy or girl. Suggestions are on the back.

The holiday time is special time to reflect back on our year and remind ourselves of the many ways in which we have been blessed.  During our mug exchange, we will be sharing our thoughts of appreciation about the year 2018 during an extended Community Circle. We will drink hot chocolate from disposable cups (we won’t get the new ones dirty unless they want to)  and treats. Students are welcomed to bring in treats for that day. This is a day we can bring in any type of treat. (NUT FREE FOR OUR CLASS PLEASE)

This is an optional activity but I would like all children to be able to participate in the Winter Mug Exchange, and I’m willing to help if needed.  All mugs must be turned in by Wednesday, December 19th! Let me know if I can assist you in any way. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me. Thank you for your support!


                                                           ~ Mrs. Zimmer



Please be reminded we are collecting food bank items as a school kindness project and we are collecting SANTA'S ANONYMOUS (unwrapped new) gifts until Friday this week.  Collection is on the 30th.  Students can contribute if they want to any small or big item.  

This page will be where you find announcements and upcoming events. There is a homework page on here that will be updated and homework etc will also be found on GOOGLE CLASSROOM when parents are all connected.  Currently students can log in and use whatever is in google classroom from links to videos to handouts. This will updated for parents by October 9th. 

LINK TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: (Pictures and fun things happening in our classroom and school)  Slowly getting this caught up too. 
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